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To the Indiana General Assembly,

As property owners, residents, workers and visitors seeking a healthy and vibrant community in the Mile Square, we embrace the opportunity to support and invest in our downtown and help downtown Indianapolis thrive.

A cared-for, vibrant downtown is key to growing our businesses, attracting workers, residents, and visitors, as well as encouraging further investment in our capital city and central Indiana region.

The Mile Square Economic Enhancement District (EED) will provide a sustainable funding source and an unprecedented level of targeted investment downtown, driven by the needs of property owners in the district. For decades, EEDs have been used in downtowns and central business districts across the country to provide a competitive advantage to the area, offer greater levels of direct property owner engagement and responsiveness, and help protect property owners' investment. There are more than 2,000 such districts across the country – downtown Indianapolis was the largest central business district in the country without an EED. Until now.

The budget for the Mile Square EED directly aligns with the priorities the downtown business and residential community identified, including 7-day-a-week cleaning services, an increased safety presence and technology, and enhanced homelessness outreach within the Mile Square. It also includes operational support for a Housing Hub low-barrier homeless shelter that will serve as a single entry point into the Indianapolis homelessness response system.

These investments will help encourage more workers to return downtown, build on the momentum we're seeing in residential and development growth, and ensure Indianapolis and the region are world-class destinations for residents and visitors alike.

Indianapolis is positioned for a new wave of economic investment and success. More than $9 billion of planned investment in downtown projects is expected over the next five years. We believe this EED will help us maintain this momentum and ensure future investment.

Working together to prioritize and invest in our downtown will be a game-changer for our city, region, and state—and we're eager to get started.

We urge you to join us in support of the new Mile Square Economic Enhancement District (EED).

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